20 Gallon Dual Pump 340LPH Fuel Cell #49220


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Hyperfuel Systems 20-gallon Dual pump fuel cells are welded 3.5mm thick aluminum with a sleek Anodized black finish, die stamped for extra strength. The fuel cell includes an in-tank pump assembly to keep the fuel pump cool and quiet enclosed in a baffle tray.


-6 AN Feed line (2) (Optional -8 AN Fitting available as Custom Upgrade)

-8 AN Return line

-8 AN Rollover vent (2)

– 0-90 Ohm Fuel level sender

Hyperfuel Cells are available in 340 E85, 450 and 525 options with -8AN Feed fitting upon request!

Note: The standard 340LPH pump is not E85 rated


Horsepower capabilities: These power ratings are at 3 bar (43.5psi) EFI and 6.5PSI Carbureted



1700HP – Naturally Aspirated

1400HP – Forced Induction


2000HP – Naturally Aspirated

1700HP – Forced Induction

*For E-85 HP ratings reduce HP capabilities by 30%






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Shipping Weight 20 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 28 × 20 × 12 in


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