100-micron 5½” In-line Fuel Filter Replacement Element


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Replacement 100-micron stainless steel element for the HyperFuel™ premium 5½” in-line filters. Reusable/washable stainless steel mesh construction with an internal magnet to catch fine particles. Suggested for applications using pump gas, racing gas, av-gas, diesel fuel, jet fuel, etc. and approved for use in alcohol fuels including ethanol and methanol. Suitable as a pre-filter for fuel pumps up to 6 GPM with gasoline, diesel, ethanol, methanol fuels and can be used as a post filter for fuel pumps up to 32-GPM. Recommended for use as a pre-filter in EFI systems and post filter in carburated systems. Service element for HyperFuel™ premium 5½” in-line filters #46124, #46120 and #46124.

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