Hy-Fuel Single Pump In-Tank Retrofit Kit


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Experience the advantage of a high-volume fuel system with the pump inside the fuel tank. The HyperFuel™ Hy-Fuel Single Pump In-Tank Retrofit Kit can be used as a return or returnless system with the use of the built in regulator. With the pump submerged in fuel, it will run quieter and last longer. With its multi-purpose ring and adjustable pump height, this is the easiest way to convert your existing or new fuel tank to an in-tank EFI fuel system. This system can be used in fuel tanks ranging in depth from 6” to 14” Deeper tanks can be accommodated with an optional fuel pump extension kit. The Single Pump In-Tank Retrofit Kit includes a 340 L/PH fuel pump and a built-in fuel pressure regulator pre-set to 58 PSI. System is suitable for up to 800HP.

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