1968-1970 Dodge Charger – EFI Tank & 440LPH Pump


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The Hyperfuel™ line of fuel injection ready direct replacement tanks features internal baffling with extra large 4.8-liter dual tube baffled fuel tray to prevent fuel pump starvation. Stamped steel reproductions of the original fuel tank require no modifications to mount. The tanks include a quality 5-hole design 0-90 Ohms sending unit for your fuel gauge and a 440 L/PH high-quality fuel pump, longer mounting straps, and filler neck. Sender and fuel pump are recessed in the tank for easy installation. The Tight-Fit 440 L/PH in-tank EFI fuel pump (Part No. 40017) supports up to 1500hp on pump gas and 1100hp with E85. An in-tank fuel pump is the best method of fuel delivery because the pump is submerged in the fuel which keeps it cooler, provides longer life, and is nearly silent. While primarily intended as an EFI retro-fit system, these tanks can also be used on carbureted engines as long as a quality fuel pressure regulator is utilized to reduce the fuel pressure to the carburetor. These systems have external -6 ORB outlet, return and vent ports for easy fuel line connection.


Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 27 × 10 in
Fuel Pump Included


Sending Unit Included


Free Flow Rate

116 gph/440 lph

Fuel Tank Capacity

19 Gallons

Baffled Sump


Outlet Quantity


Fitting Attachment 1

Male AN

Fitting Size 1

-6 AN

Fitting Attachment 2

Male AN

Fitting Size 2

-6 AN

Fitting Attachment 3

Male AN

Fitting Size 3

-6 AN

Fuel Tank Length (in)

24.375 in.

Fuel Tank Width (in)

24.250 in.

Fuel Tank Height (in)

8.000 in.

Mounting Hardware Included

Mounting Hardware Included

Fuel Tank Material


Fuel Tank Finish

Silver Powdercoated


Sold as a kit





Beginning Year


Ending Year



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