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Fuel Pressure Regulator – FAQ’s

What is one way I can Plumb my Fuel Pressure Regulator?




– Which port is the return on my Hyperfuel bypass Regulator?

The bottom port of your Hyperfuel Regulator is the dedicated return back to your fuel tank

-I am running a boosted engine, where do I reference my boost to?

The 1/8 nipple on the side of the regulator is a 1:1 boost reference port

– What is the thread size in the Multi Port Fuel Pressure regulator?

The thread size is an 8 orb

-What size is the gauge port on my fuel pressure regulator?

-The gauge port located on the middle front of the regulator is 1/8 in NPT

– Can my Modular regulation be switched from Carburetor pressure to EFI pressure later on?

Yes, the Hyperfuel Multiport regulator features interchangeable internals that allow you to go from carbureted to EFI and vice versa as well as change between Hp levels with the use of one of our service kits.




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